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Taco Bell

Taco Bell has some good vegetarian and vegan options!

I know, right?  I was surprised too.  It has been at least 7 years since we have been to Taco Bell and I must admit, the menu changes to keep up with customer trends and to best meet the health needs of their customers impressed me.  We were traveling today and needed to make a quick stop.  We usually patronize restaurants that are sports bars or fast casual rather than those that are considered fast food. But, a vegetarian friend of our family had given our daughter a good review for Taco Bell so we decided to give it a try with a little guidance from her.

Casey ordered a Power Bowl – Veggie.  The size was perfect.  It was a meal without left-overs and she was satisfied that she wasn’t over indulge.  Her meal was fresh, contained protein and vegetables and she was more than satisfied.  She will be at college in the fall and was even excited that her university has a Taco Bell onsite and nearby. 

Chris and I each ordered the 7 Layer Burrito. I added a mild and a hot sauce to mine.  It was tasty, satisfying and just the right size.  Get this though, the cost of my burrito was $2.89.  This to me was a very good value for fresh and flavorful.  Chris pointed out that his burrito was filling but wasn’t too much food and keep in mind that he is tall and slender at 6’1”. 

In addition, I ordered a bean and cheese burrito with no onions for Charlie, our dog.  I cut it up in advance and placed it in the empty bowl from Casey’s Power Bowl.  He loved it and gave the meal rave reviews.  There was sauce on it but only a little and as ordered, no onions.  You might not realize, onions are toxic to dogs.  So, $17 and some change, with one free water and 2 unsweet iced teas, we were all set to continue our journey and very satisfied with a fresh no-meat meal.

Next time, I will order the meal fresco-style.  Apparently, they put pico de gallo on it in place of the cheese and sour cream.  Important to note, the beans at Taco Bell are prepared vegan.  So this will be a good vegan option to try next time as well. 

Although we rarely have an occasion to purchase fast food, we have 3 good options at Taco Bell that are pleasing and fresh when we travel and find that we are unable to make the meal casual fast. 

I hope in some small way, this helps you and your family when time is of the essence as it did us today. 

And, thank you Yum! for progressing your brand to meet the needs of your customers.  If you wanted to take an additional step to meet the needs of the largest growth demographic in the food industry, you would add a section to the menu titled vegetarian with a symbol noting those menu items that are also  vegan.

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