Fresh Fruit Smoothies in San Antonio – Amazing

Okay, traveling is fun and tasting new things that are special to the culture of the area in which we travel makes the trip more memorable and special.  People are more likely to remember when more of their senses are involved in the learning process.  So, if we want our family vacation memories to be embossed in memories and that of our children and family members, using all of our senses is a great way to do so.

Remember, when you are with family and you travel that it is a wonderful opportunity to positively anchor your trip with your senses; seeing, smelling, exercising, experiencing all make you remember your adventures and your time with family and friends and the experiences.

In our case we experienced a frozen all fruit smoothie that really hit the spot.  But here is the kicker, we can do this.  We can integrate these tasty fresh treats into our diet with relative ease and in the south, this will be a good addition.

Chris had a frozen version that was spooned out and served with a very wide straw.  Not to worry it melted quickly in the Texas summer.  His was coconut, pineapple and ice frozen as a pina-colada without alcohol.   The interesting thing about it is the coconut was machine cut and not shredded flakes.

I had more of a drink version that was made with fresh strawberries and pineapple and blended with ice.  The pineapple served to sweeten it and it was fantastic.  They asked if I wanted added sugar and whipped cream but I declined both.

Fresh fruit from the fruteria is common in San Antonio and there are so many options for how you can eat it as a treat with family and friends that if you have a chance to experience this and are from somewhere where this isn’t offered, frankly you will wonder why.  Seriously, this Hispanic tradition is something that we must get on board with although new to the fun, I can’t quite get a grip on adding chili pepper to my fruit dish.  I can feel myself getting adventurous and I am sure that my return trips will cause me to break free of my traditional and limited use of fruit.

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