Resource Recommendation Documentary: “What the Health”

“What the Health”, is by far the documentary that has gained the most traction in the movement to a whole foods plant based diet, vegan or vegetarian.

Viewing the documentary is essential to educate yourself on the current medical practices, nutrition and the state of farming and food production.  Are there points that can be argued?  Yes.  Aren’t there always?  The fact remains, we are on the wrong course.  We need a course correction, our lives depend upon it.

The format of the documentary is easy to watch, clear and easy to understand.  The doctors and industry professionals are top notch, educated and credentialed to speak on the current challenges and recommended changes that individuals can make.  If you are new to the transition, to improving your health or you need to be re-invigorated; WATCH THE RECOMMENDED DOCUMENTARIES.  They are interesting, motivational and offer you a knowledge base to make decisions from.  This knowledge is a key foundation.

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