All Good Veg Tip #1: Vegetable Broth

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Can you imagine having a nutritious staple available to you that adds nutrients and taste at no cost to you, yes free and plentiful?

So, here is the tip.  You have this available to you, likely didn’t realize it and have been throwing them away as I was.  When you make veggies, save the cut ends from your vegetables rather than discarding them, wash them and place them in a large gallon freezer bag in the freezer.  When the bag is full of a variety of different scraps; the cut ends of the asparagus spears, the core of a head of cabbage, the main veins of the kale leaves, the large ends of the broccoli stalk and the root ends of onion or carrots, and any other vegetable scraps that you might have from trimming up fresh vegetables prior to cooking; you now have a simple and fee supply of clean, nutritious cuttings.  Periodically, boil them down into savory and free vegetable broth.  You can then freeze the broth in 1-2 cup portions and use it as needed to make rice, pasta, soups or any dish requiring water.  This infuses nutrients and flavor into your dish.  You can also use it to sauté with it rather than using olive oil or butter for a savory fat free and heart healthy alternative.  And wow, how many calories is that?  Because these are from fresh vegetables, there are no calories from fat, no sodium and no carbs.  Notice, I don’t save the scraps from potatoes because I don’t want to add a starch.  Now that is an AllGoodVeg tip!  Nice, nutritious, frugal and useful in many dishes; please be sure to try it for yourself and let me know how you integrate it into your vegetarian and vegan lifestyle.

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