Sunflower Cafe 2834 Azalea Pl, Nashville, TN 37204

Restaurant Review – Sunflower Café

2834 Azalea Pl, Nashville, TN 37204

Have you ever been somewhere that just has good vibes?  The employees and customers cross all demographics; nationalities, age, style and food preferences.  The Sunflower Café, Nashville, TN might be missed by many because it is a small cafe off the beaten path and it isn’t fancy, pretentious or expensive.  It is the antithesis of what one might expect to call their favorite restaurant!  As a well-developed foodie, can your favorite restaurant be a café with sunflowers on the wall and a menagerie of people with healthy skin and smiling faces from all walks of life, dressed up and down sincerely there for the enjoyment of so many healthy vegetarian food options?

Wait, wait I haven’t even described the food!  You will find only heavenly good choices, so good that you will be surprised when you realize that everyone who ventures in, is not a die-hard vegan (eats only plants and uses no animal products).  And then, how will you find something that you like?  Oh my, I have yet to taste anything that I didn’t like.  What a treat to have 50+ healthy choices on one menu, on one steam table all for sampling and for mixing and matching.  So, after it all, you will leave pleasantly full from Tempeh BBQ and Potato Salad, my husband’s choice or from Vegan Crab’ish Cakes on a bed of lettuce with slaw and a side of Sesame Kale, my choice.  The seasonings, herbs and mix of flavors make those who might like vegetables secondarily wanting more tries at the options served.

At 3:30 PM on Friday, the parking lot is more packed than most restaurants at their dinner rush.  If you can find a parking space, there is a table waiting for you inside.  Just off of Interstate on the South side of Nashville, we make this our stop every time we travel through or to Nashville.  Let your hair down, bring the family and try this hip spot worth talking about in Nashville.  It is healthy, fun and exactly what we look for in fresh food, whole foods, vegan, vegetarian and plant-based food options; quality, fresh, herbs and minimal if any oils and fats.  Menu is marked for gluten free and other restrictions to make choosing easier.


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